Tools to help get wishes and feelings heard

Trafford Council have a number of tools that can be used with young person or child to obtain their views and feelings on how their care is going before review.

  • About Me: sentence completion task is a child centred tool that can be used to tell professionals positive attributes of the child or young person. Can be shared with child protection, care planning or foster carers to help shape packages of support.
  • All About Me: booklet is a handy and colourful assessment tool for social workers to do with younger children. Child led, about their perspective on life.
  • How it looks to me is a CAFCASS booklet designed to be used with older children to get their perspective on their family and their wishes and feelings. 
  • Animal Talk Activity is a very visual tool with a prep guide that can be used to understand the feelings and thoughts of young children. For under 11s. Best printed in colour and can be reused. Doesn't provide a form that can record responses. 
  • 3 Houses is a simple to use tool that can capture worries, good things and dreams. Can be used with children or the family together. For under 11s. 
  • Explore my emotions colouring book is a great tool that focusses on emotions and helps children to learn to speak about how they are feeling. Can be used by anyone who has a good working relationship with the child. For under 11s. 
  • IRO consultation toolkit, produced by Leeds City Council, has exercises that anyone can use to get the wishes and feelings of children and young people. 
  • Wishes and feeling shield is a straightforward tool that can be used in meetings with the child to obtain their thoughts and views. 
  • Why did I go into care? is a tool to help a child or young person find out why they came into care. 
  • My journey is a life story tool to explore the child or young person's journey through life. 
  • Letting go of worries is a tool to help a child identify and cope with their worries. For under 11s. 
  • Good Day / Bad Day template is a tool to explore what a good day and bad day look like for the child or young person. 
  • Feelings is a tool to help a child or young person tell you how they are feeling that day. 
  • Anger Map is a tool to help a child or young person explore their anger and how it affects them. 
  • Desert Island is a tool to help a child or young person explore the things that are most important to them.