Safeguarding children policies and procedures

Partners who work across Greater Manchester Local Authority boundaries told us about how they found it hard to work to several different policies, which meant that families were not getting a consistent message or service.

To address this GM Multi-Agency Safeguarding Procedures was launched. These include our guidance on resolving professional disagreements and escalation.

All 10 LSCBs are working together to write and update this shared set of multi-agency safeguarding policies.

Content is standardised as much as possible, whilst retaining the flexibility to allow for ‘local’ differences where required. Best practice is encouraged by allowing those with the most expertise on a particular issue to lead, so bringing safeguarding policies up to the standard of the best.  The procedures are updated every six months. The GM Standard Policies and Procedures sub-group represent the LSCBs and main partner agencies and meet regularly to review, work on, and agree amendments.

If you come across anything which is unclear, requires updating, or if you have any thoughts you wish to share; please contact the GMSP Coordinator, or contact the TSSP.