Quality Assurance Framework

Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership (TSSP) seeks to assure itself that Partnership work to safeguard children is good quality, keeps people safe, improves outcomes and makes a difference.

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 (chapter 3) requires the safeguarding arrangements to specify how multi-agency and interagency audits will be undertaken and the TSSP Quality Assurance Framework 2022-23 provides that information. 

Auditing is one approach the TSSP uses to carry out this assurance and this type of audit is underpinned by the Quality Assurance Framework. The audits ensure that the TSSP has a view across the work being undertaken with a focus on the effectiveness of safeguarding in improving the lived experience and outcomes for children, young people and families. It provides a means of finding out whether the service is following guidelines and or applying best practice in a particular area and can demonstrate the quality of work to external bodies and inspectors. It also allows areas of improvement to be identified and acted upon. It is a systematic process that involves defining standards and criteria, collecting data and analysing the findings. 

The process of doing an audit can be as beneficial as the outcome because it provides staff with the time and space to reflect critically on practice and, in the multiagency audits carried out by the TSSP, the opportunity for agencies to learn from each other.