Safeguarding sub-boards

Members of our sub-boards can access our secure workspace.

Much of the work of the Safeguarding Partnership is carried out by the sub-boards and operational groups that sit below the TSSP Board itself. These groups evolve over time, hence sometimes a new sub-board will be created and at other times a sub-board may make changes to its focus. The sub-boards align to the needs of the Partnership to deliver the aims of the business plan.

The sub-boards themselves consist of members of the safeguarding community. In general each sub-board contains representatives from our statutory partners (Trafford Local Authority, Trafford CCG and Greater Manchester Police). These members are then supplemented by members of other partner organisations from across Trafford and further afield. People can be members of multiple sub-boards. As of the time of writing our sub-boards are drawing on the knowledge of around a hundred professionals.

More information on the aims of each sub-board can be found on their individual pages within this section.

Business Group

The Business Group sits directly below the main TSSP Board and above the other sub-boards. In this way, it provides support to the Partnership in overseeing and developing the local safeguarding strategy and ensures the effective functioning of the Partnership's sub structures and relationships.


The purpose of the Exploitation Sub-Board is to receive thematic strategies & plans, developments both statutory and relating to practice and provide a challenge and support role within the context of the respective operational delivery in the following work streams.

Exploitation, Abuse and Neglect

This is an adult focussed group. It is the adult counterpart to the Neglect and Exploitation sub-boards which are child focussed. The nature of the subject means that they are easier to approach if this division is made. The purpose of the group is to monitor the evidence of adults at risk that suffer from, or are at risk of, exploitation, abuse or neglect (including self-neglect).

Learning, Development and Engagement

This is an all-age sub-board. The aim of this group is to provide high quality, inter-agency, safeguarding training to the Trafford workforce. This ensures that practitioners and volunteers are confident in their roles and skilled in working with children and families.

Learning and Improvement Committee

We have two Learning and Improvement Committees. One is adult focused and looks at cases with potential learning that have not met Safeguarding Adult Review criteria. Similarly, the Children's Learning and Improvement Committee looks at cases with potential learning that sit below the threshold of a Child Safeguarding Practice Review.


This is another children's focussed sub-board. Its purpose is to develop standardised approaches which all partners across the partnership utilise to identify and respond to neglect of children and young people. The aim is to reduce neglect of children and young people through early identification, effective intervention and ongoing support and prevention.

Safeguarding Policies and Procedures

This is an all age sub-board. It exists to seek assurance on existing local policies and to coordinate the development of new policies for safeguarding.

Safeguarding Effectiveness

This sub-board is child focused. It looks at data to ensure effective leadership, management and governance with the delivery of person centred and outcome focused care across the partnership.