This is another children's focussed sub-board. Its purpose is to develop standardised approaches which all partners across the partnership utilise to identify and respond to neglect of children and young people. The aim is to reduce neglect of children and young people through early identification, effective intervention and ongoing support and prevention.

The current objectives of the group are:

  • Development of a multi-agency neglect strategy for children and young people. 
  • To improve the awareness and understanding of neglect, both within and between agencies working in Trafford. This includes a common understanding of neglect and the thresholds for access to agencies.
  • To improve the recognition and assessment of children and young people living in neglectful situations before statutory intervention is required, including the use of appropriate assessment tools which ensures a consistent model of practice.
  • Embed a menu and range of neglect focused training.
  • To seek the views of those accessing and working in our services to understand their experience of neglect to shape service design and delivery.
  • Support all children to have the opportunity to consistently access education.