Making Safeguarding Personal


To ensure the voice of adults at risk are listened to and their views are acted upon in accordance with the principles of ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’.

Partnership Goals:

  • To ensure there is a robust system in place for capturing service users’ views
  • To develop a safeguarding culture that focuses on the personalised outcomes desired by people who may have been abused
  • To ensure policies and procedures are in line with a personalised safeguarding approach
  • To ensure the skills and support required for practitioners to work in the MSP way are embedded in training
  • Adults at risk of abuse are able to take more control of their lives and take risks associated with their desired choices and outcomes

How the Partnership will know change has been achieved:

  • Adults at risk take ownership of risk taking leading to better outcomes for service users.
  • People have more control and choice leading to better achieved outcomes.
  • Workforce development is guided by the principles of MSP and audited for its effectiveness.
  • Seek assurance that Making Safeguarding Personal is embedded into practice through the collection of data from cross-sector partners.

How the Partnership will achieve our Priority:

  • Explore layperson representation and representation from the voluntary sector on the TSSP
  • Develop an infrastructure which captures the voice of the adult, the voice of advocacy and community feedback Capture feedback from Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) cases from the Learning Improvement Committee (LIC) Develop further links with Healthwatch
  • Ensure a focus on qualitative reporting as well as the use of quantitative data measures The principles of MSP are embedded in the training and the re-training of the workforce
  • promote safeguarding adults in the community by listening to their concerns and raising awareness and wellbeing to prevent neglect and abuse before it happens, with a particular focus on diverse, isolated and under- represented communities
  • Strengthen links with voluntary and community groups and aspire to involve service users

No decision about me without me - Making safeguarding personal videos

These Making Safeguarding Personal resources were developed by Research in Practice for the safeguarding adults workstream of the Care and Health Improvement Partnership in 2022. They are tools for practitioners, trainers and anyone else to be used to promote a person centred, outcome focused and strength based approach to safeguarding adults

Jointly commissioning by Gloucestershire CCG and Gloucestershire County Council, 'Risking Happiness' was created by the Reckless Kettle Theatre Company and The Roses Theatre in 2015. The characters and story of the play are fictitious, but the process of writing it drew from real people, situations and experiences. The purpose of the play has been to stimulate conversations and promote healthy discussions about our attitude to risk in our daily lives – initially as professionals, but ultimately as individuals. 'Risking Happiness' has been used in workshops and staff training across a number of health, social care and voluntary organisations in Gloucestershire.