Governance, Quality and Effectiveness


Ensuring the effectiveness of multi-agency safeguarding arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of adults at risk of abuse.

Partnership Goals:

  • To ensure the existence of a robust quality assurance framework which holds partners to account
  • To ensure the existence of a competent workforce skilled in all areas of safeguarding
  • To ensure quality learning and improvement across strategic partnership priority areas for adults and children is appropriately driven
  • To ensure strategic partnership decision-making is disseminated to all operational practitioners
  • Preparation for the incoming CQC inspection of Adult Social Care
  • To monitor developments in relation to Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and to seek assurances as required. The safeguarding responsibilities for the ICS will remain with the Chief Executive and Director of Nursing

How the Partnership will know change has been achieved:

  • Evidence obtained from within one-to-one supervision of operational staff provided to JQI dashboard
  • Dashboard data is analysed and identified trends are reported, acted upon, embedded in training and areas for improvement are appropriately addressed

How the Partnership will achieve our Priority:

  • Monitor and record a dataset for the effectiveness of how we work with people, provide support, ensure safety and the effectiveness of the leadership and workforce
  • Develop an annual Learning and Development Plan and seek assurance on workforce competency
  • Continue to develop a safeguarding dashboard that will provide the TSSP with further themes, trends and analysis taking into account JQI and CQC requirements
  • Ensuring that the findings from Safeguarding Adult Reviews and other key areas of practice improvement are implemented.
  • Implement a training strategy and action plan to audit and improve the current training programme and review and implement future training requirements