Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) Protocol

This protocol details the procedure that will be followed when a Practioner or Manager feels that SAR Criteria has been met

  • Practitioner / Manager identifies a case that meets SAR Criteria
  • Practitioner completes the online SAR referral form and then submits this to the relevant Specific Point of Contact (SPOC) for them to complete the final section.
  • Upon receipt the SPOC to quality assure referral and then complete and submit within five working days.
  • TSSB to confirm receipt of referral within 5 working days.
  • Case is discussed at SAR Panel and consideration is given as to whether SAR criteria is met, and if so an SAR will be commissioned. At this point either:

(a) There will be a request for further information;

(b) An SAR will be commissioned; or

(c) A decision will be made not to commission an SAR.

The referring agency will then be informed of the outcome. In the case of (c) above, consideration will be given to another form of review.