Domestic Homicide Reviews

This page holds published Domestic Homicide Reviews on behalf of Trafford's Community Safety Partnership.

Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) enable lessons to be learned from homicides where a person is killed as a result of domestic violence and abuse.

The main purposes of DHRs is to:

  • prevent domestic violence and homicide, and to
  • ensure that abuse is identified and responded to effectively at the earliest opportunity, improving service responses for victims through a coordinated multi-agency approach.

When should Domestic Homicide Reviews happen?

A domestic homicide is defined to have occurred when the death of a person aged 16 or over has, or appears to have resulted from violence, abuse or neglect by:

  • a person they were related to
  • a person they were, or had been in an intimate personal relationship with, or
  • a member of the same household.

If one or more of these criteria are met, a review should be undertaken, even if a suspect is not charged with an offence or they are tried and acquitted. Reviews are not about who is culpable.

Statutory guidance on Domestic Homicide Reviews is available on the Government website.

Domestic Homicide Review Reports

On 7 September 2023 Trafford's Community Safety Partnership published their review on their review on the case of Barbie.