Training schedule

Booking a place

To book a place on any TSSP event, please make sure that you send your Name, Job Role and Service to specifying which session you would like to attend. If you are booking on behalf of someone else, please provide their information (including their Email Address) too. Availability is limited on each session. Should the session be full and no alternative date available, you will be put onto a waiting list for future sessions. 


Aims of the session:

  • Understand the term cuckooing.
  • Highlight how to identify a cuckooed tenancy/dwelling.
  • Examine case studies which demonstrate how vulnerable people can be protected.


Wednesday 17th November 2021, (13:00-13:40), via Microsoft Teams.

Thursday 10th February 2022, (13:00-13:40), via Microsoft Teams.


Domestic Abuse and Housing / Homelessness Multiagency Training

Trafford Council have commissioned SafeLives to deliver 5 full day training sessions on the link between Domestic Abuse and Housing/Homelessness. The training will explore themes such as;

  • Controlling and Coercive behaviour
  • Impact of domestic abuse on victims who are facing homelessness and/or have a housing need
  • Ability to recognise and respond to Domestic Abuse
  • Information on the housing first approach
  • DASH RIC assessment and Safety Planning

Thursday 11th November 2021, (09:30-16.00), via Zoom

Friday 10th December 2021, (09:30-16.00), via Zoom

Thursday 27th January 2022, (9.30-16.00), via Zoom

Tuesday 1st February 2022, (9.30-16.00), via Zoom

Monday  7th February 2022, (9.30-16.00), via Zoom


Domestic Abuse and Housing / Homelessness Housing Sector Training

Trafford Council have commissioned SafeLives to create a bespoke training package which is tailored for housing staff. Specifically, this training is for anyone who works within housing, including housing officers, maintenance staff, contractors, landlords. The training is aimed for professionals who will have access to victims homes, and be the ‘eyes and ears’ for services where victims might not be known. The training will cover;  

  • Definition of Domestic Abuse, including the different types of abuse
  • The impact of Domestic Abuse on victims, children and families
  • The ability to identify and talk about domestic abuse

Monday 22nd November 2021, (09:30-13.00), via Zoom

Monday 13th December 2021, (09:30-13.00), via Zoom

Friday 28th January 2022, (9.30-13.00), via Zoom

Friday 4th February 2022, (9.30-13.00), via Zoom

Thursday 10th February 2022, (9.30-13.00), via Zoom


Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Aims of the session:

  • define the term drug and be able to identify what different drugs look like;
  • be aware of the effects that drugs and alcohol can have on physical health;
  • develop an awareness of the risk and protective factors to keep young people safe from substances; and
  • be confident in making referrals to drug and alcohol support services.


Tuesday 7th December 2021, (09:30-12:30), via Microsoft Teams.

Tuesday 15th March 2022, (09:30-12:30), via Microsoft Teams.


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Aims of the session:

  • understand what FGM is and the various types of FGM;
  • understand the physical and psychological consequences of FGM;
  • be able to identify FGM risk factors and warning signs;
  • understand and be confident to use referral pathways; and 
  • analyse the beliefs, value and traditions supporting FGM, and how this impacts on contemporary British society.

Wednesday 20th October 2021 (12.00 - 13.00), via Microsoft Teams.

Wednesday 16th March 2022 (12.00 - 13.00), via Microsoft Teams.


Graded Care Profile 2 – Evidence Based Assessment of Child Neglect

Aims of the session:

  • become a licensed user of the Graded Care Profile 2 assessment;
  • understand and practically apply the functions and scoring system of the Graded Care Profile 2 assessment; and
  • understand how the Graded Care Profile 2 will be embedded across Trafford.

Wednesday 13th October 2021, 9.30 - 16.00,  via Microsoft Teams.

Tuesday 19th October 2021, 9.30 - 16.00,  via Microsoft Teams.

Thursday 20th January 2022, 9.30 - 16.00, TBC.


Illegal Money Lending - Stop Loan Sharks

The key aim of these training sessions, are to make you aware of the crime known as Illegal Money Lending and the impact it has.

The session covers the following points:

  • What a Loan Shark is and how they operate
  • What the Illegal Money Lending Team do
  • How people can become Victims
  • Raising awareness and reporting the crime
  • How we can help you and communities

Monday 4th October 2021, (11.00 – 12.00, via MS Teams)

Wednesday 6th October 2021, (11.00 – 11.40, via MS Teams) A refresher session for those who have some prior knowledge or have attended training before.


LGBT Housing and Homelessness 

Trafford Council have commissioned Stonewall Housing to deliver 2 half day sessions on LGBT Housing and Homelessness to multi-agency partners within Trafford. The training will cover issues such as;

  • Homophobic harassment.
  • Biphobic harassment.
  • Transphobic harassment.
  • Family breakdown.
  • Domestic abuse.
  • Landlord disputes.
  • Homelessness.
  • Sofa surfing.

Stonewall Housing provide consultancy, training and workshops to hundreds of organisations, services and housing providers, using the knowledge they’ve gathered from over 35 years of delivering services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. Every year, over a thousand people phone their advice line and ask for help about their housing. Many live in social housing. Most feel their voices are not heard.

The bespoke training package includes training on LGBTQ+ rough sleepers, improving your work with your LGBTQ+ customers, LGBTQ+ youth homelessness and many others.

Wednesday 10th Nov 2021, (14.00-17.00), via Zoom

Tuesday 25th January 2022, (10.00-13.00), via Zoom


Parental Mental Health Training

This session is aimed at non- mental health professionals who work with children and families. It will discuss parents that experience mental health needs and the session will look to explore the impact this can have on them and their children.

Tuesday 30th Nov 2021, (13.30-16.30), via Microsoft Teams.

Friday 4th March 2022, (9.30-12.30), via Microsoft Teams.


Safeguarding Adults Basic Awareness

This session covers the basics of Safeguarding Adults.

Aims of the session:

  • understand the arrangements for managing safeguarding within Trafford;
  • understand how Making Safeguarding Personal aligns with The Care Act;
  • be able to identify the categories of abuse and understand how they can present; and
  • confidently respond to safeguarding concern that arise.

Thursday 18th November 2021, (9.30-13.00), classroom-based. (waiting list only).

Wednesday 19th January 2022, (9:30-12:30) via Microsoft Teams.


Safeguarding Adults - Advanced

Aims of the session:

  • To increase knowledge of up to date local information regarding Safeguarding adults in Trafford
  • To revise and extend the knowledge gained on previous training regarding key legislation
  • To discuss learning from reviews and its application to practice.

Wednesday 17th November 2021, (09.30-12.30), via Microsoft Teams

Thursday 3rd February 2022, (09.30-12.30) via Microsoft Teams.


Safeguarding Children Basic Awareness

Safeguarding Children Basic Awareness

Aims of the session:

  • understand the arrangements for managing safeguarding within Trafford;
  • be able to identify the categories of abuse and understand how they can present;
  • understand the whistleblowing process; and
  • confidently respond to safeguarding concern that arise.

Wednesday 3rd November 2021, (9.30-13.00), classroom-based (waiting list only).

Thursday 13th January 2022, (9:30-12:30) via Microsoft Teams


Safeguarding Children - Advanced

Aims of the session:

  • Review knowledge of safeguarding arrangements in Trafford.
  • Review knowledge on vulnerability, risk, and signs of abuse and neglect.
  • Confidently define the term contextual safeguarding.
  • Understand and apply learning from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews to practice.
  • Understand the safeguarding responsibilities of managers and safeguarding leads.

Wednesday 24th November, (15:30-18:00), via MS Teams


Safeguarding Children using Early Help

Aims of the session:

  • understand the function of Early Help and your role within it;
  • be aware of the mechanisms in place to support the recording of Early Help and effective information sharing;
  • be confident in your understanding of the role of the Case Coordinator; and
  • have an awareness of the Early Help commissioned offer in Trafford.

Tuesday 1st February 2022, (13.00 - 15.30), classroom based, location TBC


Safer recruitment and managing allegations against adults who work with children

 Aims of the session:

  • identify key  features of staff recruitment that help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people;
  • understand the makeup of a ‘culture of vigilance’ and actively promote it in your setting;
  • understand and be confident in using local procedures for managing allegations against adults who work with children.


Tuesday 23rd November 2021, (09:30-12:30), via Microsoft Teams.


Trauma Informed Approaches (CPD):

Hosted by The Nelson Trust. Understanding of the dynamics of trauma and its impact on the people you work with and yourself. How to communicate in a trauma informed way, fostering the five core principles of trauma informed approaches in your working practice: Safety, Choice, Trustworthiness, Collaboration and Empowerment. Review of your services and practice using a self-assessment toolkit. Taking trauma into account, what to look out for and how to reframe it. Learning into practice with a case study and live case study discussion.

Tuesday 5th October 2021 (9.30 - 16.30), via Zoom. (waiting list only).



Understanding ACEs:

Hosted by The Nelson Trust. Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – what are they and how these experiences can influence and impact a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. Recognising toxic/relentless stress in childhood. How taking trauma into account shapes relational working methods. Routine enquiry- Asking the questions, why, when and how. Addressing practitioner’s anxiety and the value of disclosure.

Wednesday 29th September 2021 (9.30 - 16.30), via Zoom (waiting list only).


Voice of the Child

Aims of the session:

  • understand why, when and how to listen to the voice of the child;
  • know what happens when you don’t listen to the voice of the child;
  • assess and recognise the voice of the child; and
  • identify strengths and areas for development in this area of work.


Tuesday 16th November 2021, (09:30-14:30), via Zoom.

Tuesday 22nd February 2022, (09:30-14:30), via Zoom.

Understanding Exploitation

Please note, this training will be delivered in 2 parts on two separate dates. When registering your interest in this training, please ensure you can commit to both dates. 

The training will cover:

  • a basic understanding of trauma and the impact it can have on young people;
  • how normal adolescent development can be exploited by others;
  • an overview of Child Sexual Exploitation, Criminal Exploitation & Modern Day Slavery;
  • an understanding push and pull factors that may feature in exploitation;
  • considering diversity and how methods of exploitation may differ for young people;
  • exclusion to exploitation - what we can do to support and engage young people;
  • what happens when a young person turns 18;
  • how to report (National Referral Mechanism, intelligence, referrals to services & support);
  • exploitation: Context & Language.

Dates to be confirmed.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Aims of the session:

  • understand what modern slavery and human trafficking is, and the difference between people smuggling;
  • confidently identify and respond to potential cases of modern slavery and human trafficking;
  • be able to identify potential indicators of modern slavery and human trafficking; and
  • apply current laws with a victim-centred and multi-agency approach.

Dates to be confirmed.

MARAC Attendee Training

This training, delivered by SafeLives, is designed specifically for staff who currently attend MARAC or can potentially represent agencies at MARAC.

Aims of the session include:

  • Be able to identify what a good MARAC looks like
  • Gain a full understanding of your role, remit and responsibilities as a MARAC attendee
  • Improve ability to identify high-risk cases and MARAC eligibility
  • Gain an awareness of aware of specialist local, regional and national services, and be confident in referring/signposting to these

 Dates to be confirmed.

Scams and Doorstep Crime

Aims of the session:

  • define scams and doorstep crime;
  • understand the offender and victim profile in Trafford;
  • appreciate the impact of this crime;
  • gain information on local initiatives in place to tackle this issue; and
  • develop an understanding of what role you have.

  Dates to be confirmed.