Reviewing an Early Help Assessment

Case Coordinators/Lead Practitioners should ensure that the Early Help Assessment and Action Plan is regularly reviewed, at least every 6-8 weeks, or sooner if required to ensure that needs have been identified and actions are being progressed.

Consider if new needs emerge and whether the situation has improved or deteriorated for the family.

The Case Coordinator/Lead Practitioner will usually conduct the review with parents/carers, prior to the family support meeting.

Actions have been achieved and change sustained

  • If not further needs have been identified it may be appropriate to close the episode of Early Help.

Actions have not been achieved or there is no improvement

  • Reassess the Early Help Assessment and consider new actions e.g. consider starting a Graded Care Profile 2 if not already initiated;
  • consider support from another service or specialist service;
  • if appropriate, consider escalation by referring to Trafford Children's First Response if there has been no meaningful or sustained positive change, or if circumstances for the child have declined.