Using GCP2 during Covid 19

Covid 19 means that everyone is living and working differently to how we did only a few months ago – but understanding the quality of care that a child receives is just as important as it always was.

Even though GCP2 was designed with an emphasis on observation, there are other ways you can use it during this crisis to support your practice.

We recognise that you won’t be undertaking assessments as you did previously but there are some ways that you can adapt the use of GCP2 to help monitor and measure the quality of care a child receives.

The NSPCC have developed a number of tools to assist GCP2 licenced practitioners in using the tool during the Covid 19 pandemic which have been sent to all GCP2 licenced practitioners in Trafford.

For further information or if you are interested in completing the GCP2 Training email

Posted on Thursday 6th August 2020