Trafford iCAN - Scam Virgin Media Calls

A member called to say someone who claimed to be from Virgin Media rang, saying they wanted to improve poor broadband and TV provision. The resident had been experiencing issues with the service so carried on with the call. The caller said they would be delivering a new broadband box the next day and even gave the name Thomas Green and his 'ID number', claiming he would be the delivery man. The caller said that to begin the process, they would need to access the member's computer.

After a while the caller said the resident would be entitled to £300 compensation but that they needed access to her bank account in order to process this. At this stage the resident realised what was happening and put the phone down. The caller rang back immediately and threatened that if the resident did not comply their broadband would be disconnected.

This is a sophisticated scam.

Trading Standards advice is NEVER to respond to unsolicited phone calls, emails or texts and you should NEVER click on links or open attachments. If someone contacts you out of the blue, claiming to be from your bank or another official body, take a minute then contact them using contact details you have found yourself. Try to use a different phone or wait at least half an hour before dialling out.

Please share this information with friends, family, neighbours and social media.

Posted on Thursday 26th November 2020