Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews update

The Child Safeguarding Review Panel and Department for Education have updated the guidance for Safeguarding Partners in light on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. There is a recognition that it will be extremely difficult to achieve the usual timescales with regard to Serious Childcare Incidents.

To summarise:

Serious Incident Notification deadlines are unaffected by the emergency measures i.e Panel, Ofsted and DfE must all be informed within 5 days of the Authority becoming aware of the incident.

Rapid Reviews have a none-statutory expectation that they be carried out within 15 working days. This expectation has been relaxed but there is a request that the rapid review is expedited where there is a child death or serious injury in the context of abuse and neglect, and Covid-19 is a strongly related factor, and where local safeguarding partners think there is learning that other partnerships could benefit from.

For Serious Case Reviews and Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews the requirements to notify in advance of publication and to  publish within 6 months of initiation are relaxed as there is a recognition that the resources required to complete these processes will currently be engaged elsewhere.

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Posted on Monday 30th March 2020