TSSP Arrangements

Welcome to Trafford’s multi-agency arrangements for safeguarding children and young people. These arrangements, set out how the statutory multi-agency safeguarding partners (CCG, Local Authority and Police) will work together, and with other agencies to safeguarding children in Trafford.

In March 2016 the Trafford Local Safeguarding Children Board, in partnership with the Safeguarding Adults Board, began a process of reform that would transform the way all agencies worked together to strengthen safeguarding and improve outcomes for all our children, young people (and adults).

Since June 2018 Trafford’s safeguarding arrangements have been streamlined into a single strategic safeguarding board that brings together public agencies, the third sector and local communities with a common purpose – to make Trafford a safer and stronger place for all our residents.

In Trafford we strongly believe that safeguarding children is everyone’s business, we also believe that to effectively safeguard children we must also empower and safeguard adults. This approach has led to innovative and creative working across our services and within our communities, and we are beginning to see the benefits, both in terms of stronger and more joined up service responses, but also in a clear shared vision that is based on achieving the very best outcomes for our children, young people and adults.

The Trafford Multi-Agency Safeguarding Partnership (MASA) under the banner of the Strategic Safeguarding Partnership is much wider than the three public agencies who provide leadership and direction to the Board, it brings in partners from across all sectors, supports and develops our workforce and recognises the importance of involving local people. 

We will continue to develop and strengthen the partnership by working together and remaining focused on our shared goal of a safe and strong place in which our children thrive.           

Liz Murphy
Independent Chair
Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership